Thursday, April 3, 2014

Copeland Is Back!

Copeland have reunited to release their fifth album, Ixora.  They have released a new track, "Ordinary", which you can listen to below.  You can also download the track over on Bandcamp.  The song encompasses everything one would expect from this band.  Enjoy!

New Songs From Autopilot Off!!

Autopilot Off have released two new songs, which can be streamed below.  I'm digging both songs quite a lot.  They bring me back to 2004.  Really happy to hear new stuff from these guys.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Review: La Dispute - Rooms of the House

La Dispute has released an incredible new album, Rooms of the House.  Musically and lyrically, the album is spectacular.   Front and center in Rooms of the House is flawless storytelling.  What unfolds is a story of the collapse of a marriage, paralleled by recollections of past experiences, all centered around the idea of home.  The story, however a fiction, was very much inspired by Jordan Dreyer's family and some of their real-life experiences.  One of the best aspects in the story-telling is that it's non-linear.  And why should it be?  Are our memories (a constant theme of the album) ever linear?

Each song on the album is connected, with songs often referencing others on the album as the characters go through different experiences, which elicit vivid memories of the past.  This is especially true in the song "Stay Happy There".  This creates a consistent flow to the story, also captured in the absolutely fantastic flow of the music.  

The lyrics are some of the best written by Dreyer.  They often can be quite sobering.  "The Child We Lost 1963" is a heart rending song, yet beautiful lyrically, about the loss of a child and how it affects a family.  The song particularly resonated with me since my family also experienced a similar loss.  It can be quite difficult to be a kid and watch your parents cope with losing a child, but this song captures the sentiment completely.

"Woman (Reading)" is probably my favorite track on the album, painting a sad picture as the narrator observes (or remembers observing) his wife before the end of their marriage.  The lyrics are especially gorgeous.  I think it captures the overall essence of the main theme of Rooms of the House as Dreyer wails "How the spaces in the memories you make change the room from just blueprints / To the place where you live".  

Musically, Rooms of the House is very dynamic, each song distinct.  The killer bass lines from Adam Vass and drum lines from Brad Vander Lugt really shine on this album.  They pace each song with the utmost proficiency.  Produced by Will Yip, this album is probably their most musically cohesive, yet.

La Dispute's Rooms of the House is an album that should be, without a doubt, experienced by all.  The lyrics hold so much meaning and beautiful poetry, that I was immediately captivated by the story.  Although the themes and narrative of the album can be quite somber, it also induces thoughts about how we can learn from our past experiences and use them to progress forward.  

This is La Dispute's best album to date.  Definitely check it out, and make sure you have the lyrics to read along with the album.

I cannot recommend the album more!

Friday, March 14, 2014

A Handful of New Streams from: La Dispute, Tycho, ...Of Sinking Ships, Seahaven, I Am The Avalanche, and Collapse Under The Empire

Lot's of cool streams for everyone to check out!

Stream La Dispute's incredible new album here!  It's truly an amazing piece of art.

Seahaven have released a cool new track from their upcoming album:

Collapse Under The Empire have released a handful of snippets from their new album.  This album is shaping up to sound pretty cool!

You can stream I Am The Avalanche's new album Wolverines over at Billboard.

Check out a new song from ...Of Sinking Ships over at AbsolutePunk.  The song is quite beautiful!

Stream Tycho's beautiful new album below:

Monday, January 27, 2014

Review: Tides Of Man - Young and Courageous

Once upon a time, Tides Of Man were a progressive rock band. Then, they went through some changes, eventually switching gears to become an instrumental post-rock band. With this change comes their third full-length album, Young and Courageous. It’s without surprise that some fans of their old music will be turned away by this. But, let me assure you, Tides Of Man have created a most magnificent piece of work.

On the band’s Bandcamp page, they claim they are “in the middle of an identity crisis, but we’re loving it”. This definitely shows on the album. Their love of their new direction is evident in every song on Young and Courageous. Each one is quite different, be it in the style or how it is layered. And, there is a clear attention to detail in the flow and composition that makes one forget that Tides Of Man were ever not a post-rock band.

The album opens with a slow burn, as if someone is carefully feeling through the dark until they triumphantly find their destination. Immediately following is “Mountain House”, one of the early songs released from the album. It’s an accessible and upbeat song, and very much reminded me of songs on Align In Time’s Me & My Arrow. What follows is an array of gorgeous songs, some of which showing hints of influence from post-rock staples like Mogwai (albeit not as brooding) and Caspian. Really, it’s impossible to find that one favorite track on the album. You have the deeply layered soundscapes like the title track (which also boasts a tight riff in the bass line) and “Eyes Like Strange Sins”, while “Hold Still” has a second half that is an absolute stunner. We also get some cool syncopated beats in the short, but sweet, “All The Years”. The closer “Measure Your Breath” slides back to a dissonant roll, which eventually leads to a full crescendo into an aural melody to finish the album on a definite high note.

Tides Of Man have successfully transitioned into the post-rock genre. One can hear clear influences from other veteran bands. But, Tides Of Man manage to infuse their own rock-and-roll style, setting themselves apart from the rest. Young and Courageous proves that the band is just that. They set out to try something new, and in that process, they ended up making some of the best music of their career.

This is one you should not miss. I cannot recommend it enough.

Head on over to the Tides Of Man Bandcamp page to pre-order the album and listen to a couple of tracks.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Check Out Belle Noire's New Song "Sleep"

I just recently found out about Belle Noire via  They've released a new song entitled "Sleep", which you can listen to below.  I really like the song.  Definitely has a In:Aviate + Kaddisfly vibe.  Be on the lookout for a new album from the band this year.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Stream Tides Of Man's New Song "Hold Still"

AbsolutePunk have released an exclusive track from Tides Of Man, entitled "Hold Still".  The song comes from their new album Young & Courageous, which drops on February 4th.  The song is absolutely fantastic, just like the other songs that have been released.  I really loved the second-half of the song.  My anticipation for this album is boiling over.

Head on over to Absolutepunk to check out "Hold Still"!